How To Make Giving Your Baby A Bath And Dressing Them Up More Peaceful

Use Muslin Hooded Towels – What is a Muslin Hooded Towel?

What Are Muslin Hooded Towels?
For new moms still learning to give their babies baths, they might still be trying to figure out what items would help this process the most. One item that’s become more popular in recent times is muslin hooded towels. If you are still wondering What Are Muslin Hooded Towels? Then you need to educate yourself on what they are because they go a long way in helping bathtime be more peaceful for both you and your baby. Muslin hooded towels like the name implies are towels that have a hood attached to them. With this, after you give your baby a bath, you can wrap them up after a bath in the towels and the hood and it helps calm them down and feels swaddled.

Make Bathtime Fun

What Are Muslin Hooded Towels?
Kids interact with the world by playing and find excitement in lots of things. If you make bathtime and dressing them up fun, they are less likely to make a fuss about it. Get bath toys to keep them entertained and distracted in the tub while you get to scrubbing. Also for getting them dressed, you could make it into a game or a challenge and while they are focused on this, they will give you less hassle and will stay in place (at least for a few seconds at a time) while you get them dressed. You can also use reverse psychology to get them interested in having you help them out. If your toddler is causing too much trouble, you can let them try to dress themselves up. After a while, they will give in and let you do it for them. This trick works if you have the time and patience to wait for them to come to their senses while they roll around in their clothes, put them on backward and get distracted with other things. (Toddlers are truly just drunk adults lol). You can also do some acting by getting goofy when you dress them up or give them a bath. Put their shirt on your head and pretend to not know where it is while they giggle and point at it. Use their sock to do some sock puppet acting. Get creative and make things fun and they will comply more readily. For smaller babies, you can sing to them to get them mesmerized. They might be so focused on your singling they’ll forget to be a hassle and they just might enjoy the singing and that puts them in a more relaxed mood.

Warm Up Their Clothes

Now, this is a tip worth getting and a trick work knowing. In the cold season, warming up their clothes is a sure way to get them to be interested in getting dressed as quickly as possible. The warmth provides extra warmth and comfort and will have your baby or toddler feeling happy and snugly after dressing up. You can use a pressing iron to warm up the clothes or throw them in the dryer for a few minutes.

Use Incentives

What Are Muslin Hooded Towels?

If your toddler knows that there is a price like a cookie, a chance to watch cartoons or a cupcake waiting for them after bathtime, they are more likely to comply and let you get finished with them as soon as possible. You can also have rules like no snacks before brushing their teeth or taking their bath in the morning. This will get them used to the idea of action and reward. You can also involve them in the process by having them pick out an item of clothing and the more they behave the more agency they have to pick out what they wear. This works on toddlers who are just developing the need to be independent and are developing their own taste and styles. They will love the option of being able to choose for themselves. You can take this further by also involving them when you buy their clothes. If a toddler is more invested in their clothes they are likely to enjoy getting dressed more. If they have a favorite shirt that has their favorite cartoon character on it then they will be more willing to get dressed. If they helped while shopping you can remind them that they get to wear their new clothing items or new headband or new accessory and this could get them excited.

Distract Them

What Are Muslin Hooded Towels?

For a toddler that gets easily distracted, it can be quite easy to distract them when the last thing you need is their attention on what they are doing. Distract your kids with toys, your keys, an iPad etc. while you dress them up. Take the focus off the task at hand and get your toddler busy thinking about or doing something else. This might not always work and if they get distracted they might not get distracted for long and you would have to come up with different ideas on how to distract them. You can keep a box of toys beside you and bring out a new one anytime they get tired with the first and start to be a hassle again. You can also help them zone out by playing a cartoon on the tv or other devices while you dress them up. My 18-month-old nephew freezes and stops whatever he is doing when his favorite tv program starts playing.